How to become a typing master with the iOS keyboard

I’m motivated by this post simply because I know for a fact that there a a lot of us out there not using all the functions on our tablets, whether they be Apple, Android or Windows. I’m sure I’ll be referring to this blog post in the future. #technologycoach


Unlike the interesting history of Apple’s physical keyboards, the virtual keyboard on iOS does not have much of a tale to tell. For the most part, the iOS keyboard has remained the same since iOS was first released. However, there are some ways to enhance and tweak the typing experience on iOS to make entering text on your iOS device as comfortable as possible.

Keyboard basics

Keyboard basics

Caps lock and special characters – With iOS 7.1 came a somewhat confusing change to how the keyboard displays whether the caps lock is on or not. A grey button with a white arrow is off, a white button with black arrow is on, and if the black arrow with a line under it the caps are locked. What did not change is the ability to tap and hold a key on the keyboard to select alternate characters. The dollar sign, as an example…

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