Microsoft tries to box out Box by giving away more OneDrive for Business storage

Cloud StorageCloud storage is the answer to business document sharing, easy access and collaboration. You don’t have to use only one, especially when they all have some unique features. Microsoft is stepping up their game! #technologycoach


Microsoft(s msft) is circling the wagons in its cloud storage and file-share push, raising the base storage allocation of OneDrive for Business to 1TB per user, up from 25GB.

And in case you were wondering how the company was positioning this move, it announced it in a blog post titled Thinking Outside the Box on Monday. For context, Box is pushing its cloud storage and file-share software that works across platforms and devices. But it’s apparent Microsoft has no intention of ceding storage or file share capabilities to Box, Dropbox or anyone else.

Instead, Microsoft is trying to entice consumers with OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) and business users with OneDrive for Business. And, just to add confusion to the mix, OneDrive for Business, which is aligned with Microsoft SharePoint, is not really related to OneDrive itself. Check out this Hacker News discussion of the OneDrive/OneDrive for Business dichotomy for background.

Anyway, as part of Monday’s news, Microsoft also…

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