Securely manage business documents in the cloud

Change your passwords on Dropbox and Box to keep your accounts safe. Heartbleed has struck again.


Cloud-based collaboration tools are becoming increasingly popular, but as Heartbleed not-so-gently reminded us recently, convenience can come at a trade-off with information security. The bug hit both Box and Dropbox, and their users’ sensitive information may have been compromised.

To the chagrin of IT managers everywhere, many employees are using the same file-sync-and-share platforms at home and work. Consumer file synchronization and sharing tools are cause for serious concerns about data breaches and loss of control over sensitive enterprise documents. The prevalence of mobile computing and the BYOD trend only compounds these security risks.

Recognizing this need for secure collaboration tools at the enterprise level, RR Donnelley has developed Roundtable,™ a cloud-based document management platform that offers unparalleled security. The platform’s built-in security includes dynamic watermarking, instant reports of exactly who is accessing which files, encryption of all data communication, code access security and communication protocols like SSL, protective…

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Desiree is a Technology and Accountability Coach in Houston, Texas specializing in real estate for the since January, 2000 working with REALTORS. She is is a public speaker and MCE provider available for consulting online and onsite. Go to to learn more.
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