4 ways to solve overwhelming amounts of email

I don’t think there is one of us that are not overwhelmed with an overwhelming amount of emails. The bad news is, they are not going to stop. The good news is, we can take some control over them. Here is what I’ve found that works for me:

  1. Don’t merge email accounts. This process could cause you to have issues with spam sent from your contacts from each email account.
  2. Separate your professional email from your personal email. It is much easier to delete unrelated email when it is separated from personal email. Too many mistakes can be made when you are looking at an inbox that is full of FWD’s from family and friends.
  3. Create or use another email account strictly for family. I would suggest a Gmail account, simply because it has an excellent filtering and spamming system. You could use your Gmail account as your primary account or secondary for your signing in for your business access on your social networking sites also.
  4. Create another account. Yes, another – for those emails that you will never read. Ever. Check this account every few weeks and delete those emails. Give this email account to magazines, shopping malls, everybody that has to have an email address that you know  gives email addresses to other vendors. Believe me, it gets full. Yahoo is great for this because you can select them all at one time and delete them easily using Ctrl A.

On another note, let me just say that using your Internet Service Provider’s email address (Comcast, AT&T, etc.) or a free web-based email account might not be the best option for a long lasting email address for business. If you leave this provider, you will have to notify all your clients, who have your email address already memorized in their computers, etc. Besides, you’re giving these companies extra advertising for free. Why not get your own email address for good? Use a domain host like GoDaddy.com to purchase your domain name, then set up your email address.

Looking for assistance? Feel free to contact me for technology support. I’ve provided over 12 years of experience to those in small business. I’m available online!

About Desiree Williams Savory

Desiree is a Technology and Accountability Coach in Houston, Texas specializing in real estate for the since January, 2000 working with REALTORS. She is is a public speaker and MCE provider available for consulting online and onsite. Go to www.DesireeSavory.me to learn more.
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