Comparing the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

Choosing the right technology can be daunting. It takes a little research to find the right hardware, but it’s worth taking the time before going into the store. Listening to other people’s advise is not the only answer. Do your own research, then touch and feel. Make decisions based on your personal and business needs. Still not sure? Wait. Do more research.

The new iPhone 5 sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Are you using all Apple technology or a combination of PC and Apple? Google has the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android OS. Both great phones. This comparison helps to make a decision just between these phones. There are many others out there. These are what attract me. You need to make your decision based on your research.

About Desiree Williams Savory

Desiree is a Technology and Accountability Coach in Houston, Texas specializing in real estate for the since January, 2000 working with REALTORS. She is is a public speaker and MCE provider available for consulting online and onsite. Go to to learn more.
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