How to create a Facebook Fan Page

Fan Pages are separate pages that can be created after your Profile page. Once you have  Profile page, you can create a Fan Page by scrolling down to the bottom of your Facebook Profile page, select Advertising, then select the Pages icon (yellow flag) on the left. Select the Create a Page button on the right.

Use key words that describe your business for your page name. This helps with SEO. After creating your page, you can post to it by selecting the Accounts menu on the top right of your Profile page, then select Manage Pages. When you click on the “Go To Page” button, your Fan Page will replace your Profile Page. Although you are still in your account, it can get confusing when going back and forth. (To get back to your Profile Page, select the Home link on the upper right of your account).

In order to keep your Profile Page open and open your Fan Page, I suggest you hold down the Control key when selecting your Fan Page so that it will come up in a separate tab, leaving you with 2 tabs to use rather than having to switch from one.

Profile pages can be set up to automatically send posts to your Twitter account. To accomplish this, open another tab in your browser and go to

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Desiree is a Technology and Accountability Coach in Houston, Texas specializing in real estate for the since January, 2000 working with REALTORS. She is is a public speaker and MCE provider available for consulting online and onsite. Go to to learn more.
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