Astroturf and manipulation of media messages

Veteran investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson describes Astroturf and manipulation of media messages on TEDx at the University of Nevada.

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Realtors Property Resource® is a unique Marketing Tool

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) provides NAR members with cloud and mobile access to detailed  property and marketing reports, MLS listings, Mapping features, FEMA Reports, Investment Tools, and much more. The best part is – there is no consumer access. RPR is designed by REALTORS, for REALTORS. Add it to your toolbox! Sign up with the mobile app or at the Realtors Property Resource website.

If you would like personal coaching, contact me at

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Google Drive Makes Marketing Your Business Simple

Various Marketing ToolsIntegrating Google Drive documents with your website, blog, email marketing and social networking platform is an easy way to share information about your services, events and products. Using or to share documents will provide measurable results.

On my website, I integrate my resume, personal coaching and classes with Google Docs, for example. For some of my clients, Google Forms works well to  generate a registration list, evaluations, surveys or Q&A’s.

When I teach technology, I never fail to mention to my students that a Gmail account is essential to their business – not only because of the benefits of using Gmail (for business or personal use) but for all the other types of marketing that go along with having a Gmail account.

Accessing your Google Drive account on your mobile device is easy. If you have an Android phone, it is already installed. Download it for your iPhone from the App Store.


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Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Desiree Williams Savory:

man checking his phoneMobile responsive websites are probably one of the most important features of being on the internet today. Take a look at the following blog post and take action as soon as possible.


Originally posted on News:

Today, Google released a change to its algorithm that gives higher search scores to sites it deems “mobile-friendly.” Curious WordPressers might be asking:

  1. How can I be sure my site is mobile-friendly?
  2. What can I do if my site is not mobile-friendly?

1. See if your site is mobile-friendly

Visit Google’s mobile-friendly test link and enter your site’s address (e.g., or Google will then analyze your site and declare it mobile-friendly or not.

Did your site pass? YAY! Pass GO and collect $200 from the Community Chest.

2. What can I do if my site is not mobile-friendly?

If your site failed Google’s test, you might be using an older theme that’s not responsive. Responsive themes change their layout slightly when someone visits via tablet or mobile phone to ensure that important content like the site title, post titles, and post content can be read on smaller screens.

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Time is so precious. TeamViewer is gold.

Traffic jamLiving in Houston has its price, and that price is traffic. I don’t know what it is about the planning of a city, but when Houston decided to tear up the I-10 train track years ago, I knew it was a big mistake. Sitting in traffic an average of 1.5 hours to drive 20 miles is just not fair. You can get at least 2 projects taken care of in that time period when working from home.

That’s why working with clients remotely, using TeamViewer is gold.

Whether you are helping your family member or assisting a client, take a look at TeamViewer. It’s secure, easy to use and an affordable option to upgrade.


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Use Pinterest to attract like-minded interests

This video supports Pinterest’s social networking platform for real estate. Listen to Ben Silbermann, CEO and CoFounder of Pinterest talk about how Pinterest influences your reach online. Here is what he says –

“If Google’s core value proposition is to organize things by text query, Pinterest’s core value proposition is to let people organize things by interests.”

“For Everybody that cares about getting their product found about what they are doing in this life, Pinterest can be a powerful tool to help you. Pinterest connects people that share the same interests as you.”


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Inspirational Quotes From World Top Leaders


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