Pretty young woman using mobile phoneWe can celebrate the ones we love using social media and video. Have you thought about how you can do the same for you and your loved ones?

Woman hand touching screen on digital tablet.Microsoft Office has finally developed apps that support users to create, edit and share documents with their iPad. Using Office 365, this provides users the opportunity to utilize the cloud to its fullest on any platform with their preferred laptop, whether it be a Mac or Windows OS with Office 365 or accessing their online account at Outlook.com.

If a user is using a Google Chromebook, simply log in to Outlook.com to utilize your account.

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HashtagTabletHashtags are a creation of Twitter (a limit of 140 characters per comment creates a tweet). A hashtag, which is a key word with the pound sign, becomes a link – a link that connects to relative subjects. As a rule, 2 hashtags per tweet are effective. Think carefully when using hashtags in your tweets, on your Facebook Fanpage, Instagram and on other social networking sites. Your viewers will not take your seriously with random hashtags. If they are ‘cute’ with no relativity, they are ineffective.

Create a hashtag that your clients can identify with for your business. For example, mine is #technologycoach. I use this as my way of linking all my tweets and giving myself a way to be found and recognized on the internet. I use this hashtag in my marketing materials and encourage students to tweet during class.

Your name could be a hashtag. Do you have a Twitter account? If not, that’s where you should start. Create one, follow people and subjects that you like. Watch who you following on Twitter first, then start tweeting!

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Using your iPad app brings a new experience with Facebook #technologycoach

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Facebook(s FB) is separating its tablet experience from its smartphone experience. The company announced on Monday that the latest update to its iPad app includes a new look: when the app is used in landscape mode, a new column now pops up to provide information that mirrors the Facebook web browser experience.

updated iPad screenshot

According to the company, the new column is inspired by what it says are the primary functions of tablet use: read news, watch videos and play games. The column appears on the righthand side of the screen, provides birthday and event information as well as a “Trending” column — a feature that debuted on the web experience in January. Additionally, the column displays trending videos and offers “My Games,” a section that allows users to easily access Facebook games. According to the company, more than 70 percent of people who use Facebook for iPad have played a game in the past 90 days.

The decision…

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Lost phone on the benchSending email, taking pictures, texting and communicating on social networking platforms are our most frequent activities.

When you purchased your smartphone, do you remember what email address and password was used to set it up? If you do, that’s excellent. If not, you have some work to do.

The email address and password that was used to set up your phone is critical to finding your phone in case you lose it or worse, if it is stolen.



Add a 4 digit passcode or pattern on your phone for security.

  • iPhone: Settings > General > Password Lock
  • Android: Menu > Settings>Security>Screen lock. (The exact words may vary slightly from phone to phone.)

Track Your Phone

Android Phones

  1. Your phone was set up with a Gmail account. You need to know what that account and password is in order to log in on the internet so that you can trace it.
  2. Download the Device Manager Android App or go to www.google.com/android/devicemanager
  3. Sign in on a browser with your Gmail Account and Password
  4. If your phone is on, you will see a map with its location. You can call your phone, lock it or erase its data.


  1. Your phone was set up with an email address of your choice and a password
  2. Find My iPhone should be downloaded on your phone. If it is not, do it now.
  3. Go to www.icloud.com
  4. Sign in on a browser with your email address and password
  5. If our phone is on, you will see a map with its location You can call your phone lock it or erase its data.



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I’m motivated by this post simply because I know for a fact that there a a lot of us out there not using all the functions on our tablets, whether they be Apple, Android or Windows. I’m sure I’ll be referring to this blog post in the future. #technologycoach

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Unlike the interesting history of Apple’s physical keyboards, the virtual keyboard on iOS does not have much of a tale to tell. For the most part, the iOS keyboard has remained the same since iOS was first released. However, there are some ways to enhance and tweak the typing experience on iOS to make entering text on your iOS device as comfortable as possible.

Keyboard basics

Keyboard basics

Caps lock and special characters – With iOS 7.1 came a somewhat confusing change to how the keyboard displays whether the caps lock is on or not. A grey button with a white arrow is off, a white button with black arrow is on, and if the black arrow with a line under it the caps are locked. What did not change is the ability to tap and hold a key on the keyboard to select alternate characters. The dollar sign, as an example…

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Cloud StorageCloud storage is the answer to business document sharing, easy access and collaboration. You don’t have to use only one, especially when they all have some unique features. Microsoft is stepping up their game! #technologycoach

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Microsoft(s msft) is circling the wagons in its cloud storage and file-share push, raising the base storage allocation of OneDrive for Business to 1TB per user, up from 25GB.

And in case you were wondering how the company was positioning this move, it announced it in a blog post titled Thinking Outside the Box on Monday. For context, Box is pushing its cloud storage and file-share software that works across platforms and devices. But it’s apparent Microsoft has no intention of ceding storage or file share capabilities to Box, Dropbox or anyone else.

Instead, Microsoft is trying to entice consumers with OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) and business users with OneDrive for Business. And, just to add confusion to the mix, OneDrive for Business, which is aligned with Microsoft SharePoint, is not really related to OneDrive itself. Check out this Hacker News discussion of the OneDrive/OneDrive for Business dichotomy for background.

Anyway, as part of Monday’s news, Microsoft also…

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