The most important way in my opinion to add listings on your Pinterest Business Account is to first, add your listing to your WordPress Blog, then add it to Pinterest. With this process, you can go back to the listing and make changes to the property’s status. Watch the following video and get more insight about using Pinterest as it pertains to how shoppers are using the Pin It button.

How about no more emails back and forth, not remembering which comes first, or who has to do what? Asana takes care of that and more with this free mobile app. Collaborate and execute freely. Sign up at www.asana.com #technologycoach

Pinterest LogoPinterest provides you with the opportunity to keep your favorite websites using images instead of website links in your internet browser. Your collection of links are separated by boards. Now, Pinterest has released the limit of 6 private boards to unlimited with public boards.

Upgrade to a business account to take advantage of features that will give your clients an idea of who you are and to connect with you in areas that they are also interested.

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Desiree Savory shares video from Doug Aamoth Realtors, what a great way to use your iPhone when in a jam at a property with no lights!

Check out this video with an easy demonstration on how to achieve this!

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Realtors can generate referrals with free HyperSocial tools that are provided through Realtor.com using SocialBios.com. Give your clients the opportunity to share their stories about your services on your wall, news feeds, and your clients’ news feeds – a great way to participate to your online reputation management. This shows up on your Realtor.com profile. Make sure to set up your free Realtor.com profile here!

A presentation on how Target is using Pinterest to market their company. No matter the business you are in, you can pick up ideas from this video. #technologycoach

Desiree Williams Savory:

iPhonesIf you are not an Android Smartphone user, there are great tips here on how to manage your phones within a single household.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Recent research shows us that as high as  40 percent of iPhone owners keep their older phones around as a spare  and an additional  20 percent give them to family members . With that many devices in the house, how one manages their accounts — and, more importantly, keeps track of their on-device purchases — can be a daunting task.

Here are some helpful tips for households faced with managing multiple Apple devices so they can stay on top of their iTunes purchases.

Limitations of a single iTunes account

iTunes accounts are limited to five authorized computers and ten iTunes in the Cloud devices. So what is the difference? The five authorized computers are capable of sharing their purchased iTunes content with other devices. You can ‘sync’ to an unlimited number of unmanaged devices like iPods or stream content to networked devices like the Apple TV using iTunes’ Home…

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